Medical Laser Safety

CLSO/O: Medical Laser Safety Course

A Laser Safety Officer is an individual appointed by the facility administration or business owner to manage and administer a Laser Safety Program. It is the major requirement of the ANSI Z 136.3 requirements for the Safe Use of Laser In Health Care Facilities (including aesthetics & private practices). This person is a manager and does not necessarily run the laser equipment or do treatments, although they certainly may do so. They ensure that a safe “Laser Environment” is maintained. Patient treatment safety is a separate issue.

Medical Laser Safety Officer The Course includes online access to the narrated and illustrated lectures, a pdf course manual, a pdf copy of all the slides, and a Certificate of Laser Training once the post test is taken and faxed or emailed back for grading. You’ll listen to the online lectures but must also study each chapter of the book. It includes forms and checklists that are valuable in establishing this type of practice.

The program consists of the following modules:

1. Laser Biophysics
2. Laser Energy Concepts
3. Laser Effects on Tissue
4. Laser Hazards & Safety
5. Laser Incidents, Accidents and Complications
6. How to Set Up and Administer a Laser Safety Program
7. ANSI Z136.3 Safety Standards for Health Care Facilities
8. Medical Laser Safety Audits